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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sunshine in the Winter...and other things I learned this week: Tasting Heaven

Have you ever thought back on your youth....and hoped that no one will remember what you said or did?

Oh good, it's not only me that feels like I am still growing up or waiting for someone to tell me that I am a grown up!  I also hope that the ignorance of my youth (and yesterday) will be forgiven and forgotten.

However, I am amazed everyday at the things I still learn and wonder if I couldn't have learned so much more...if I had been open to it....and didn't think I knew it all......or at least pretended like I did.....

Sooooo...just to show you that I don't think I know it all...though my mister sometimes insists that I act like it....

Ahem......I do not.

But here is what I have learned just this week....

I cannot possibly ever get enough kisses from my baby baby, or enough hugs from my almost 18 year old....or hear my kiddos laugh.

That there is human hair in some commercial made bread...l-cysteine.....I don't think I want to buy bread anymore...

...and that your two year old cyclone can pummel your rising bread in 2 seconds flat...or at least the portion nearest the counter edge.....while you blog.......aaahhhhh....deep breath.

back to the hair in our bread.....GROSS......

18 year olds can and will eat anything.....including cellulose and l-cysteine....they just don't think about what it is as my oldest stated.

That the more I ask the above little cyclone to quit beating the drums with the cymbals......she'll just to it louder and harder.

That the said oldest will open up every cabinet, the fridge, freezer and pantry...and then declare there is nothing to eat in the house.

Teenagers do not think they need to wear coats in the dead of winter.....(this isn't new....it was just re-affirmed)

Homemade Hawaiian BBQ chicken pizza is the very best pizza there is...unless is Thai Chicken Pizza.

That you can put carrots in you bottled pickles in the place of Alum.....because Alum is not good for you.....but, um.....I won't be throwing out those bottles that contain Alum in them......that is blood, sweat and tears...okay...okay ..it wasn't that hard!

My oldest baby girl is the bomb at basketball....and life guarding and will jump in fully clothed without hesitation when she needs to save a dad and his little girl.

That mashed french bread will bounce back in the oven and only I will know what happened.

Cleaning dog poo off of shoes makes me gag...and not just a little.....I can deal with horse poop, cow poop. chicken poop, baby and twinner poop...but not dog poop.....time to change the dog food.

But most importantly, fresh lemonade tastes like sunshine in the winter.....

And thanks to the hub's sweet great uncle who brought some up from his great aunt in Arizona...we have been in Heaven...or at least tasting it.

It makes me crave warmer weather and a lemon tree in my back yard......the kids have wanted a pitcher of it every day....I had to hide some so that I can try and make some preserved lemons like they do in the middle east.

I am sure that I have learned a lot more this week, but I have already forgotten in my old age....so I will leave you with the best old fashioned lemonade recipe there is. Can be used or limeade as well, thank you Betty Crocker......my go to to book.....

2 1/2 cups water
1 1/4 cup sugar
finely shredded lemon or lime peel
1 1/2 to 2 cups fresh squeezed lemon/lime juice

Make the simple syrup base by heating the sugar and water to almost a boil and then cool. When cool (or stick it in the freezer like I do, because we aren't very patient). Add to lemon juice and zest and then add equal parts water.

If you were all fancy and proper, you could add a rim of lemon sugar and a lemon wedge......

I also squeeze and freeze the juice of the lemons if we aren;t using them fast enough...but that usually isn't the case....

Happy Heaven tasting...love to all....

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