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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Heritage Vinegar Pie

Before I posted about the CDC being totally wrong about raw milk....

Before I started making french bread so it can dry out for the stuffing Thanksgiving dinner...and for dinner tonight, I have to double the recipe because we easily go through two loaves of french bread at one dinner.

Before I realized that I will never be a full fledged and real foodie....because {sigh} I like and use white flour, sugar and sometimes stoop to using something that may be processed or eat at Burger King.....

Before I started getting the mctwins cheerios because it looked like everything was on the up and up after a few rough days of UPing.

Before I realized that the utensil drawer was...ugh.....disgusting and full of crumbs and I pulled out the vacuum to de-crumb.

Before I started a load of laundry.....I had started to blog...or at least think about blogging...about Vinegar Pie.

Yes....Vinegar Pie....Who knew?

 I didn't....but great grandma Mabel's mama knew....she knew lots of things...she wrote them all down in a ledger above and then collected more recipes and hints from magazines. And with this pie, you can catch more flies then with honey!

It has been interesting to try many of the recipes to say the least because many of them do not have a temperature or a length of time on them.  But what a fun tradition of using and preparing recipes used back on the farm almost a hundred years ago!! I feel especially emotional as I think of the rich heritage in which both my husband and I have (or it could be the idea of cleaning up the 4000th mess after the twinners because here I sit blogging!) and of teaching all that we know to our little and not so little ones.

and as I teach what little I know, it makes me realize that I must search further and with more diligence to find these stories so that they will not be so lost to future generations.  I learned from my grandma in what would be the last few weeks of her life, stories that not even my uncles said they knew..why did none of us know these things?  Why did I not ask these questions of her when she was in better health? DOes she hav a hidden ledger somewhere?

I am realizing that my journey to be back on the farm is much more then owning a piece of ground....it's knowing who I am, excepting where I came from and learning from mistakes (and getting my daughters down from the table).....much much more...left to be uncovered.

(as written)
2/3 c white sugar
2 heaping T flour
4 Heaping T Vinegar
Yolk of 1 egg
pinch of salt
1 pt of boiling water

Cook in double boiler until thick, flavor with lemon. Fill baked crust, beat egg white, sweeten and place on top. Brown in oven. When we made this, we cooked it at 350.

As far as my research has found, pioneers made this pie when the fruit of summer and the dried fruit of winter had long been gone. SO try it and tell me what you think....I'll be waiting!

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