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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Raw Milk....got some?

I think I have mentioned that I have a cow on order...yes...a cow...a miniature jersey dairy cow. 2013 is the lucky year, think Fiddler on the Roof, daughter walking the cow...size, that should be the size of our milk cows, not gargantuan mamas. But that is another story...one I hope to be sharing sooner then later.

Tonight I wanted to talk about about this story "Utah Creamery Hurt by incorrect journalism", all because of this story, Utans Sickened.  Along with this story, there were several local tv stations that followed the story. The story stating that almost a hundred people since 2009 had been sickened by salmonella from raw milk that a man made queso fresco (a mexican cheese) from, one station even stated that the milk was obtained from the Local Heber Valley Dairy......

Not true, not true, not true......

First, only 2 people have been definitely confirmed to have been sickened by the cheese from this man, and NONE of the milk, I repeat none of the milk from a Utah dairy selling raw milk has tested positive for salmonella, yet the Salt Lake Health Department implied that the salmonella, along with the tv stations, came from the raw milk..not the process in which the man was making the cheese.  They jumped to conclusions, on the band wagon or whatever you want to call it and went for the jugular on this small farm that has been in the same family for over a 100 years. The Heber Valley Milk has never tested positive for the food borne illness as the health department claimed...instead they clientele has been considerably hurt during the airing of these accusations.

The Health Department nor the tv station have bothered to retract what they said, instead saying that they never said that they were responsible....but they did say it, and now a small home grown farmer has been hurt.  A farmer that has put his blood, sweat and tears into this heard, a farmer that has carved out his place in he world.

This doesn't only happen here in Utah it also happening here and here. It seems to me that big government doesn't like independent farmers or that more people are realizing that the FDA and the Department of Agriculture have been and are selling them a bunch of...well you know....it comes from  cow too. Now you may say that I am a bit of a conspiracist, and you might be right, or....

I might just be an independent thinking person that does not need the government telling me how or when or what to eat.... and I totally do not agree with or condone the government acting as the thugs for big dairy as is such the case in man instances.  I believe the facts speak for themselves....raw milk, when safely and cleanly handled does not sicken or kill people as the government would have you believe and that raiding a amish farm only further convinces me that we must not simply swallow what the government tells us (about anything) without truly questioning their motives and those standing behind them.

I wish I had my cow now...I wish I had enough money to drive up every week and fill my suburban with raw milk to drink, make yogurt with, cheese and fresh cream.....but I can tell you that I will be visiting as often as I can to try The Heber Valley Farms fresh cheeses and milk.....to not only support a local farmer but because I also believe in the health promoting value of raw milk itself.

My cousins drank it, as did I when I was visiting.  I still remember going with my grandma t a local farm in Idaho, filling up the glass gallon jar and watching the cream rise to the top...and then hand whipping the cream to heavily dollop on our pancakes topped with applesauce.  UMMMMM....this is my favorite way to eat pancakes, though my husband hate it....he may not have even tried it yet.....baby.

The bottom line is raw milk is healthy for you.....now if I could just get to my farm earlier.

See ya at the Heber Valley Dairy

picture credit goes to TinstarHeritageFarm.com

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