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Thursday, March 8, 2012

{Take Action Thursday}The Truth, The Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth

I'll just jump right into the thick of things......

if you have seen the you tube video by kony2012,

then you will also want to read this article by the Council of Foreign Affairs

because it is more in depth...and well a bit more truthful...but that is just me speaking.....and a lot of smarter peeps the I!

...ad speaking of food and farms....you'll want to go here and sign a petition to tell the USDA to NOT purchase PINK SLIME and feed it to our kiddos or any kiddos in the school lunch program!!!

And by the way...there are estimates that 70% of the beef sold in American grocery stores has this pink slime in it.....it's cheap for a reason.....eeehhhhh!

I would also post about the bad fats in girl scout cookies.....but that just may be overkill on my part.....still beware.

Happy Chewing! (just don't think about it........or try not to...but you know you will!)


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