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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Joy in the Journey


Why you ask?

Because I can......

and because the kids think the other blog is all about them and should in no way have my ramblings.

So they win..and I win....this is and will be about us.

You and me babe...on the road to somewhere....

For me it will be about being the best that I can be, where I am and showing you my mistakes as well as my triumphs.  I am a secret farmer married to a used to be cowboy...with a wrangler butt.  yum!  Technically he is still a cowboy, we just don't have any cows to mosey anymore or hay to cut....or any of those other chores...and we find ourselves far North of where we started.

But this is okay, because one day we hope to return to the country life, complete with chickens and lambs and a cow.... jersey cow to be precise.  So along the way, I thought I would document my pretend life on the farm as I can and bake and garden and create the life I want....way up North.

There are so many great blogs out there, that you may not have time to even have a lookey lou here....but that's okay, I understand the craziness of life...but maybe this is just for me to remember where I want to go and to find joy in where I am at and joy in the journey.

But either way I hope that one day we can sit on my front porch, look out and realize it was a good journey to document.

And if you want further inspiration about joy in the journey, just click on the title, it states it all much better then I.

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