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Friday, February 19, 2010

When Life Hands you Lemons....make Lemonade......REALLY!

We were down in beautiful Kanab this weekend.....they call it God's country for a reason!  Blue sky, red dirt, clean air and 70 degree weather......It is snowing while I type this very post.....

I should be depressed, but we need the moisture.

So we won't be sad...we will make lemonade!

While down in my home country, Mack's visiting aunt gave us a gazillion fresh lemons of her tree...

oh how would it be??

Seriously, I ask you?  To go out and pick a lemon or an orange right off your very own tree?

It would be just fan-dab-tastic!  But of course I can't do that....and it makes no sense (for me at least) that have to be money wise to go out and buy fresh lemons every time we want fresh lemonade....that is what concentrate is for....though that may be loaded with undesirable stuff too...

so I am juicing these fan-dab-tastic lemons for a later date.....and zesting them as well.

DO you know how much they want in the store for the dried lemon zest.....too much I tell you!

So this is a bit of work...I admit, a bit boring as my youngest son has commandeered the TV for cartoons....(no Days of Our Lives for me)

But just imagine the fresh taste the zest and fresh juice will add to pies and cakes and cookies and fish and chicken and salad.....yum (can I have lunch twice? I am hungry again)

And just think of all the pure vitamin C you are getting, that will boost your immune system, not to mention the natural unrefined sugars that can give you a boost and it naturally moderates your ph balance....and we women all know what happens if we are out of balance...

well I don't..Mack says that I am out of balance all the time...so not a clue here...

but if lemons will make me balanced, I am all for them!

So I have frozen the juice in ice cube trays (actually mini cupcake pans... have no ice cube trays...I am cool for them) that I will transfer to a bag later and I have pretty little yellow lemon zest resting nice and easy on freezer rack, after which, I will be able to break a little off when I need it.

And sitting oh so prettily and dainty is a nice tall glass of lemonade....and if ya'll were here with me visiting... I would go all fancy and garnish it with a fresh slice.....but it is just me and the boys....

now where is my sunshine.....and rockin chair


Thanks Aunt Linda!

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