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Monday, May 24, 2010

102 Reasons (ok...ten) why MY Kids Need the FARM

I have thought this through...since I was like eight......

and stayed my cousins that did live on the farm....

and they had it all.  They still do!

They were my inspiration.....still are....

They knew how to work hard and play hard.....still do!

In fact, if you go to my grandma's house....and look really hard through the stacks of magazines that probably date back to 1952, you will find my renderings of my ranch.  I had it all planned out...down to the fence.  It's the type A in me.....unfortunately for my kiddos, I didn't get the ranch and take my type A personality out on it ....they get me to plan their lives ........one day they will thank me for it......

at the therapists office....I tried, I really did!

#10 - The kiddos need a few garden rows to weed before they can go out to play - and I want the warm fresh tomatoes that I can bit into and have the sun ripened juice drip down my chin and onto my white blouse....because that always happens...to me.

#9 - The kiddos need a screen door to slam and a front porch to jump off of as they run to meet their friends....and I need the sound to remind me of how grateful I am for each one of those slams as my kids come and go.

#8 - The kiddos need a high wooden pole fence to scale and sit on as they watch dad work, big brother ride....or just the sunset. And I need to admire and oogle at my wrangler clad husband leaning up against it.  It's good for the blood.

#7 - JD...and all the mckiddos need a dog..not a lap dog..a goodness for real dog that keeps them company and protects them...and barks for joy.  I need one to scratch behind the ears as |I go up the porch to remind me the jo9ys of childhood...and to lick the floor clean underneath the said mckiddos!

#6 - The kiddos need to pull in their jeans and sheets, and white shirts off the clothes line, drink up the sunshine smell right then and there before they put them in the basket.  They need to feel the crisp cloth of the jeans as you pull them on - I need to feel how they make my stomach feel flat...because we all know that isn't going to happen anytime soon!

#5 The kiddos need to be able to pull on their cutoffs and sneakers, grab an inner tube and go float down the crick (Phonetically spelled...cuz I don't say creeeek)  kicking an splashing the whole way.  The girls shrieking when they realize the boys are going to dunk them.

#4 - My kiddos need to gather the eggs, and watch the foals play in the field, they need to watch the lambs being born and they need to milk the cow.  They need to watch the life cycle and realize that it is as God intended.

#3 - They need to know that their neighbors will not only tell their mama when they do something naughty, they will protect them when someone else tries to mess/gossip with/about them...because that is what you do in small town USA....and so that the cops don't get called when you are out on the four wheelers/throwing firecrackers/shooting bb guns.

#2 - They need the farm so that they can grow up with the door unlocked, the windows wide open and taste/feel/breathe in the night air, the curtains blowing in the breeze and the crickets making music, the rain on the roof and know that they are safe.

#1 - They need a farm because their mama needs the farm...to teach them to work hard, play hard and enjoy doing it both.

My city dwelling friends...I will visit you...I promise....I still love to feast on Sushi and see and feel the rush of humanity in the city.....but I need my space the rest of the time.

Love yer guts, one and all, city and country folks.

Keep praying for me.

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Mama Rachel said...

I'm praying!!! {{{hugs}}} (May all your dreams come true!) :-)

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