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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Spicin up life....one nutty day at a time

My friend asked me the other day how I "do" it all... I laughed.....

because this is what my living room looked like while I made the Tomato Miso Soup and homemade wheat bread (and bless my stinkin mind over matter...I only had a piece of the crust....and it was goooood!)

Ladies, sometimes we have to let some things go and concentrate on what is important at that moment, be it the laundry, our children, the hubs, volunteering, reading...(and not particularly in that order!) and we need to be.....for the most part enjoying that moment....unless you are cleaning up puke.changing messy diapers.gutting a deer.taking out the trash......soak it up...


cry hysterically

or just smile

because that moment won't come again and we don't always have to be supermom!

and somewhere in that mess I also made these......

Spicy Walnut Cookies, that I took off a blog and then tweaked because I have a ton on coconut sitting around...laying around...whatever it does after I make the mctwins milk with it and need to use it up!

2 cups walnut flour ( I ground my own)
1 1/2 cups coconut
2 - 3 tablespoons cinnamon
1/4 tsp nutmeg
2 egg whites
1/4 cup honey

Whisk egg whites until frothy and then add honey, stirring well, add other ingredients and mix until smooth.  Drop onto a cookie sheet with a teaspoon and then gently flatten with wet fingers. Bake at 425 for fifteen minutes.

This little nummy nidbits are for the babes that I have taken off all grains, drinking dairy, starches and sugar.  They needed something to sweeten up their day with!  They loved them..as did the bishop's wife that likes to experiment with me on my cooking and puts up with my nutty rambling about this incredible book.
I have even hooked my baby sister on this book, and proabbly the bishop's wife,  the hubs may be shooting me later...as they will now be subjected to the very diet I have put myself and the babies on along with the fam to some extent....

they tend to think that they can do/say/eat what they want when they are out of my  hovering eye......they think they are fooling me...but I know.

I KNOW!  I just don't know how to put a shock collar on them without the rest of the world thinking that their mom is a wee but whacked!

Nourishing Traditions is inspiring, absorbing, scary, empowering, politically incorrect (and heaven help me...that is probably what drew me first!), disgusting, yummy, interesting.......and down right informative....I will never eat the same...

and have begun taking care of making sure that my family and I are/will be trying to return to eating like our pioneer ancestors.  And heaven knows......(the operators in heaven are surely getting tired of putting through my calls...but they do...bless their hearts!) Mr Macdaddy surely will appreciate the fact that I am not/will not me harping on his intake of red meat...provided it is grass fed...and butter......

and I will leave you at that......are your curious?  Do you want to know more???

We will be discussing that later....after you make Tomato Miso Soup.  It will make you happy...honestly.....

and after I watch COnspiracy Theory...and learn from his ways......so I don't look too crazy...ummer...I don't think they got past his crazy......

love yer guts!

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