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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Second Chance Saturday

I thought I would recap what I have learned this past week......

at least for myself...so I don't forget....

because I am getting that way....or maybe I'm not...I forget!

* The kiddos and the hubs do NOT love every recipe I make...but they are good sports and try most things.  They did not like Natural Buttermilk Bread.....nor did my friend....but they do love Naturally Fermented Sour Dough Bread.  Along with sour dough pizza dough...it was a winner along with sour dough pancakes....you can find the recipe below!

The kids insist that when they go to granpa's...he make them.....one or two is never enough!

*That some of my neighbors think that I get drunk off of sour dough bread...I don't...for the record....nor do I drink the fermented starter that you can find out how to make it here.

*That we as adults do not eat enough eggs, butter or cream.  Yes you are reading that right!!  EAT MORE!  In the last four weeks, I have lost over four pounds, and I have eaten at least one fried egg in the morning with cheese, slathered my homemade bread with real butter...made from real milk of real cows.....there is longer a place for margarine in my house. Say it with me...THERE IS NO PLACE FOR MARGARINE!

*Peeps don't like when you talk about not vaccinating your kiddos!  They go ballistic..... it is becoming comical!

* I have eaten fried food......fried eggs, homemade tortilla chips, pork chops and veggies...all fried...in coconut oil and butter...and even a little bacon grease.  Our bodies need saturated fats!!  Please eat them and love yourself for doing so!!  It will make your skin healthy!

*The longer I go without sugar, particularly white sugar and high fructose corn syrups...the more disgusted I am with a bite that one of my kids insist I have.....I do NOT crave them.... and they just do not taste good on my palate.  Even fruit is not on my list of desired foods, excluding tomatoes...they are my favorite.  But one or two pieces of fruit during the day is about all I eat....as do the twins.  MORE veggies! MORE meat!

*We need to cook spinach, broccoli and cauliflower... DO not eat it raw.  No more putting it in smoothies and veggie juices or throwing it on salad and sandwiches for me! Some veggie greens contain a chemical called oxalic acid.  Oxalic acid is a very irritating substance to the mouth and intestinal tract.    It also blocks iron and calcium absorption and may contribute to the formation of kidney stones.   The good news is that oxalic acid is completely neutralized by a light steaming or cooking. Thanks to Sarah, The Healthy Home Economist who is amazingly smart!

*I was already onto soy and was declaring it a no go for my house..though I love edamame! But I don't eat those enough to cause a problem.  But with the twins being off milk, more then a few moms have proposed that I use soy milk! WRONG!  It's all I can do to not shout it out!!  And contain my expletives about soy...jk...you know me better then that....but soy should be avoided unless the soy is fermented as in soy sauce, miso and tempah.

*Coconut milk has probiotocs and is so yummy!!! The babies love it and are thriving on it!

*and finding raw grass fed milk is near impossible......I need the cow...do you think the HOA will mind?

* but most of all, I have learned that there is still a long road in front of my learning curve!  But I have loved every minute of it...even my failures!  Learning how to cook almond and rice flour crackers was comical...but good thing my kids will eat things that aren't very pretty...but I did it!

And so can you...just a couple changes a week and you will see huge benefits in your health!!

love yer guts!!

enough to share my sour dough recipe with you!

1 cup starter
1 cup flour
1/2 cup water
Mix well and let sit out covered, in a glass bowl

In the morning, add 2 T honey, 1 1/2 baking soda, 1 egg and 2 T melted butter.

Cook on well greased griddle (coconut oil works great!)

Smother with real butter and real maple syrup..or coconut syrup and everyone is happy!

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