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Monday, November 21, 2011


I learned a few amazing things this past week....I'd like to share what I CAN do

You CAN make whipped cream outta evaporated milk...and if you hadn't have told your husband about it he wouldn't have turned up his nose at it, because he wouldn't have known, but more on that later.
You CAN cry over spilt milk...especially when it comes out as throw up/vomit/puke/up chuck/blowing chunks/ralphing or as we now call it in our house....up...just...UP.  it's usually all that would make it out of the twins mouth before the surge came.....ugh.
You CAN bottle homemade sauerkraut with ease and even joy because it smells better then what you have been dealing with for the past five days.
You CAN make a lovely homemade, prepared from scratch meal....and one of your children will say the meat is dry...and then eat enough that you loose count of the helpings.
You CAN laugh with, not at your mctwinner who makes the funniest faces when she is trying not to UP, including but not limited to eye rolling, faux fainting, not to be confused with faux painting, laying down on the tile floor and so on, because....well...you ( and I mean me)....do the same thing.
You CAN manage to do fifteen million loads of laundry in the day...and still not be done
You CAN put it out on facebook that you need a coke...after church of course.....and  more then a few friends deliver...including a can secretly stashed into your husband's manbag and your husband wonders how they knew....hmmmm
You CAN heat up your hot chocolate more then four times...and then give up on drinking it.....and just go for the coke....
You CAN tell yourself every time you take a sip of that oh so coldly refreshing beverage...that you will quit once the twins stop UPing.
You CAN still be the only one that hears the puppies at "butt crack of dawn" as my cousin likes to call it.... and no one else does...so you spend more energy to pull your teenage son outta bed and make him take them out because you don't want to get cold..and you have to wake him up anyway you reason...and you have to make breakfast after all....and will still be picking up their doggie poop...even though five kids swore on bibles jumped up and down, did flips and promised... that you (and I mean me) never would
You CAN manage to blow through the house and make it some what presentable for potential buyers to walk through who called ten minutes earlier...did I mention my house is for sale...and the twins are UPing..and that is when everybody will be calling on the house.
You CAN survive it all and blog about it on Monday...because that it was what makes it all worth it...that and you love your family.

But back to the whipped cream that you CAN make from evaporated milk. I made it and it was good...and the kids had it on their whipped cream this morning....so it must be decent! I always prefer fresh cream...but I forgot to put it on the list for the hubs this weekend as I was grounded at home or rather didn't dare leave for fear of coming home to a bigger and nastier mess then just dealing with it. And I don't know about you, but I can't have pumpkin pie nekkid...just can't, it isn't right. So we had to do something......and sherbet was goig to cut it

But now I know that it can be done...and will work wonders in the food storage if there is ever a time we can't have fresh cream and we are beyond desperation in our need for whipped cream on our pumpkin pie, you never know it may happen!

1 can Evaporated milk
1/2 package non-flavored gelatin
3/4 c powdered sugar
1 t vanilla

Pour evaporated milk in a metal bowl and freeze for at least 30 minutes along with the beater (the milk should start to freeze o the sides of the bowl. Take out and shake gelatin on top of cold evaporated milk. let sit a few minutes, add vanilla and start to beat.  Slowly add in sugar and increase speed and beat until you have the consistency you want.  It doesn't get as stiff as cream.....but it will work!!!

love yer creamy guts!!

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