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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Raw Milk......Framed? {gasp}

Raw Milk has never actually in any way killed someone....

The CDC admits this in a round about way, after threatening to file a Freedom of Information Act request.  One of the deaths that the CDC linked to raw milk was from queso fresco, a fresh cheese that is made by aging it for 60 days.  Here in my own lovely state of Utah, the news linked illness and even possible death to raw milk when it in fact was from queso fresco most likely made in unclean residences with unsafe practices and then sold under the radar.

Whether you support raw milk or not at least support the right and the ability of those that do the choice of doing so.  People have the right to drink alcoholic beverages that lead to far more deaths...yet the government feels strongly compelled to report misleading numbers, jail innocent people, tarnish good peoples name and business, all over raw milk?  Raw milk has been drank for hundreds...no thousands of years.....you and I do not need government involvement in this choice.

I'll be back later with a fantabulous recipe for Vinegar Pie...yes, you read that right, but I have french bread ready to form...with my help of course..so that I can dry it out and make homemade stuffing!!!  See ya in a fee........

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